With half a century of experience, we focus on quality, design, and efficiency.

"Our priority is customer satisfaction."

Our History

With nearly half a century of experience in the knitwear sector, F&K Knit Textiles stands out. Established in 1996 in Istanbul, our company has been dedicated to customer satisfaction, aiming to secure a strong position in the industry through quality production and ethical principles since that date.

Under the F&K brand, our company brings men's ready-to-wear clothing products to the end consumer while also collaborating with firms in the men's and women's knitwear sector as a manufacturer.

With a value system that places business ethics above all else, we prioritize creating a good collaborative environment for all our employees, business partners, and customers.

F&K Knitwear Sweaters

Under our F&K Knit brand, we not only provide services as a manufacturer to our customers but also produce stylish and comfortable knitwear products under the F&K brand for end-users. Click here for our collection and detailed information.

F&K Machinery

As F&K Machinery, with our long-standing industry experience, we provide our customers with second-hand knitting machines according to their needs. Click here for our current machine inventory list and contact information.

Our Mission and Vision

As a company that embraces the tradition of being a family-owned business and grows with its values, we consider customer satisfaction as our fundamental principle. We distinguish ourselves with quality and affordable products, as well as swift and streamlined business processes. We continue to lead the industry with our strong relationships with business partners and our focus on employee satisfaction.

Our goal is to solidify and advance our position in the industry by meeting our customers' expectations while minimizing our environmental impact with our sustainability philosophy.
Müşterilerimizin beklentilerini karşılayarak sektördeki yerimizi sağlamlaştırmak ve ileri götürmek; bunu sağlarken sürdürülebilirlik felsefemizle çevresel etkilerimizi minimize etmeyi amaçlıyoruz.

F&K Casualwear

As of the beginning of 2020, F&K Casualwear has established itself as a leading name in the men's knitwear sector, catering to end-users as a lifestyle brand.

With impeccable fits, designs that appeal to a wide audience, and a customer-centric approach, we have rapidly grown and solidified our position in the Turkish market.

Our primary goals include becoming a well-known brand in the retail sector as a knitwear-focused fashion brand that values the balance between price and quality, and increasing our brand recognition.


Contact and Collaboration

If you are looking for a manufacturer for your products, buying in bulk, or aiming to upgrade/expand your machinery park, you can get in touch with us.
We would be happy to explore all collaboration possibilities!